Songs of Rights & Respecting

Good Morning, School!

All Around the World

Let's Be Polite

Different Just the Same

Stop It! I Don't Like It!

There for Everyone

We All Need A Room

Weird and Wonderful

Good Morning, School! lyrics
All Around the World lyrics
Let's Be Polite lyrics
Different Just the Same lyrics
Stop It! I Don't Like It! lyrics
There for Everyone lyrics
We All Need A Room lyrics
Weird and Wonderful lyrics
Good Morning, School! sheetmusic
All Around the World sheetmusic
Let's Be Polite sheetmusic
Different Just the Same sheetmusic
Stop It! I Don't Like It sheetmusic
There For Everyone sheetmusic
We All Need A Room sheetmusic
Weird and Wonderful sheetmusic



60-sec MP3 Sample



Below are the materials for each of the eight songs, including: a 60-second sample of each audio recording, lyrics, and sheet music pages for you to examine. Upon purchase of the license, you will receive all eight full audio recordings, backing tracks, lyrics and sheet music.